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3rd National Women’s Entrepreneurship Summit was held

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Venue: Kabul Serena Hotel


Date: December 28 2020


AWCCI held the 3rd National Women’s Entrepreneurship Summit on December 28, 2020 by financial support of Taktaz Logistic and Transport Company (The first and only Transport Co. owned by a woman) and Afghanistan International Bank (AIB).  Kabul Serena Hotel with the presence of high ranked governmental and nongovernmental dignitaries such as H.E. Deputy Minister of Women’s Affairs Ms. Nazira Rahman, and Director General of Industrial Parks of the Ministry of Industry and Commerce Mr. Hemat Omari and more than 200 businesspersons form 15 provinces of Afghanistan. This program took place in continuation to the last year’s program consisting of business matchmaking between businesswomen of provinces, introducing growth opportunities for their businesses and networking among them. Panel discussions on various topics and advocacy planning under mentors guidance and an exhibition of women’s products were part of the summit.

The program started  with the recitation of some verses of Holy Quran and in continuation Ms. Zahra Tarshi a member of the Board of Directors of AWCCI the Master of Ceremony introduced the program and highlighted the main objectives of the program. Subsequently, Ms. Afsana Rahimi AWCCI’s chairperson welcome guests and appreciated AWCCI’s executive body for holding 3rd National Women’s Entrepreneurship Summit and about program said that AWCCI has always worked for businesswomen development and this summit is also one of AWCCI’s effective programs for enhancing knowledge, awareness networking among businesswomen. Presentation of AWCCI’s database information on formal and informal businesses owned and run by women in Afghanistan by Sayeda Faqirzada AWCCI’s Women Business Resource Center Director.


In the second part of the program, a Panel Creativity and Agility in the Time of Uncertainty (restarting during the pandemic, lessons for after pandemic) was organized with the participation of Ms. Benazir Yakta owner of Benazir Yakta Dry Fruits Processing and Exporting Co., Ms. Shahla Saadat owner of Saadat Banu Jewelry Co., Ms. Romina Osmani President of Herat Women vocational center, and Ms. Mahbooba Zamani Marhaba Zarin Carpet and Handicraft Co. Mazar. In this part, panelists shared their story of their outgoings and solutions during crisis of COVID-19 pandemic, challenges and recommendation with other women. Ms. Mahbooba Zamani pointed to a noticeable concept “we have a carpet production company and we have hired almost 300 internally displaced Afghans”. It is exactly after a crisis hit them. They settled to different places because of natural disaster. Ms. Shahla Saadat presented a story of their initiation and management during the COVID-19 crisis, however they run a clothes production company but they have been delivering all the need of families to their outdoors, and they exchanged the clothing company to mask Production Company and they distributed masks to poor people for no cost.  


In third part, Quality Control and Management for Made by Afghan Women Trademark was presented by Ms. Parwarish Oryakhil Deputy CEO of AWCCI.

In fourth part, B2B and networking session names bowel and facilitated by Ms. Sayeda Faqirzada AWCCI’s BDS director. The procedure was that a woman chose a name from the name’s bowel and another woman chose the question and the woman whose name was written on the paper was supposed to answer the question. All questions were about business and businesspersons. At the end of this part lunch, Networking and exhibition were served.

Fourth part, Panel discussion on Advocacy and Leadership (advocating raising concerns and solutions of those in crisis and leading the way to create hope for those in crisis). The Moderator of this panel was Ms. Mina Rezayee owner of Simple Café and Board of Director of AWCCI Kabul and speakers were Ms. Latifa Majidi Executive Director of Women’s Economic Empowerment Rural Development Program, Ms. Guljan Hujati owner of Daikundi Dry fruits and Ms. Lailuma Abawi owner of Taranum Style Co.. They clarified their explanations by supporting detailed examples of solutions. Ms. Lailuma Abawi said ‘Crisis makes us continuously take action and remain active’. Ms. Latifa Majidi said that a woman can be a good leader and a good manager for other women as she knows better of their problems challenges and other issues.

At the end of the program, advocacy planning working groups with mentors assigned to 3 provinces in each group were held.