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The Handicraft Exhibition of Bazar Ruz

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Date: March 7-8, 2019

Venue: Directorate of Balkh Industry and Commerce

“Handicraft Exhibition of Bazar-e-Ruz” held by the Directorate of Balkh Industry and Commerce (DoBIC) and Balkh Women Chamber of Commerce and Industry on the occasion of international Women’s Week on March 7and 8, 2019. The exhibition launched with the presence of dignitaries of Balkh province, such as: Mr. Shojahddin Shoja, Deputy Governor of Balkh province, Mr. Sayeed Akbar Sarwari, Director of Balkh Finance Department, Consulate General of Tajikistan base in Mazar-e-Sharif, Mr. Shir Ahmad Sepahezada, Director of Balkh Industry and Commerce, Mr. Sharafat Jannat, Director of Balkh Economy, Ms. Shakiba Shakib, Chair of Balkh Women Chamber of Commerce and Industry, Haji Khairuddin Mayel a National Businessman, and with other participants from different Balkh departments and private and international organizations. This program began with recitation of the Holy Quran, and later, Mr. Sepahezada spoke about the exhibition, saying that: the exhibition was organized by the Directorate of Balkh Industry and Commerce and Balkh Women Chamber of Commerce in the occasion of the International Women’s Week and for supporting of our domestic products. There were 38 booths that exhibit domestic products and women products sell in Mazar-e-sharif city. He added: “one of this exhibition aims to sale Balkh owned business women products.

The purpose of this exhibition was networking among businesswomen and marketing and the domestic products of Mazar-e-Sharif. There were 38 participants from different business sectors such as: handicraft, food, agriculture, art, services, and manufacturing. Conducting such exhibitions and people’s support for domestic products have become one of the main factors of increasing domestic production in the country. One of the other purposes of the exhibition was to strengthen the business network among women entrepreneurs in the north provinces of the country. A group of women from Baghlan and Samangan provinces also participated in this exhibition.

The participants were pleased with the two-day exhibition for the marketing and sales opportunities of their products through this exhibition and requested organizers for organizing such programs and exhibitions in future as well.

Ms. Basira Mohammadi, a businesswoman who attended the exhibition, about the importance of exhibitions for domestic Afghan owned business products says: Afghan women economic growth is, economic growth of the country and exhibiting businesswomen products enhances the profile of domestic products and leads to economic self-sufficiency of women.

AWCCI-North at the end of the exhibition second day received all comments or recommendatiuons of exhibitors or sellers in order to provide better programs for economic empowerment of women in Balkh province according to their needs.