In uncertain times the Women’s Chamber Continues Work with perseverance! “Emergency Elections for the High Council and Board of Directors of the Women’s Chamber”

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Date: 14 July 2021

Venue: Conference Room of the Afghanistan Women’s Chamber of Commerce and Industry



Emergency elections for the Board of Directors and the High Council of the Afghanistan Women’s Chamber of Commerce and Industry were held on July 14, 2021 in the conference hall of AWCCI. H.E the First Lady of Afghanistan, the Minister of Industry and Commerce, Minister of Women Affairs, Advisors to H.E the President and H.E First Lady and representatives from her office,  members of the Independent Election Commission and leadership of the Afghanistan Women’s Chamber of Commerce and about 80 businesswomen from Kabul and provinces.

The program began with the recitation of the Holy Quran. Afterwards, a welcome message by Ms. Afsana Rahimi, Chair of the Board of Directors of AWCCI and an opening video message by Her Excellency Rula Ghani, the First Lady of the country officially opened the program.

Subsequently, H.E the Minister of Women’s Affairs, Ms. Hasina Safi, H.E the Minister of Trade and Commerce, Mr. Nesar Ahmad Ghoryan and Mr. Jalaludin Saeed Advisor to H.E the President Mr. Hojat Fazli Head of Harakat delivered a speech on different economic issues in the country and the Chamber’s being proactive in complying with the Law on Regulation of Chambers Affairs.

Subsequently, the election began with a description of the election process and was monitored by the Independent Election Commission, Ministry of Industry and Commerce.

After the members of the Women’s Chamber of Commerce were fully informed about the election, all 8 candidates for the Board of had the opportunity to speak about themselves and their activities. The election then began with reading of names of the members, checking their membership cards, and then going to the voting polls. All members of the Women’s Chamber of Commerce and Industry who had a valid membership card had the right to vote for their preferred candidates. By learning about each candidate, all members of the program voted for their preferred candidates with full knowledge.

As a result of the vote count by the Monitoring Committee 7 women businesswomen were elected whose names and votes are as following:

Ms. Hassina Bizhan Zaefi with 41 votes, Ms. Hassina Aimaq with 36 votes, Ms. Marziah Panahi with 32 votes, Ms. Sediqa Moshtaq with 31 votes, Ms.  Zahra Rezaei with 30 votes, Ms. Homaira Kohzad with 30 votes and Ms. Nilab Sadat with 29 votes.

Additionally, a High Council meeting was held and the Chambers various activities were discussed. At the end of the program, information on business development opportunities was provided by various institutions and the 15th anniversary of the “Peace Through Business” program was celebrated.

The Afghanistan Women’s Chamber of Commerce and Industry was established in 2017 with the approval of the High Economic Council under the leadership of His Excellency President Mohammad Ashraf Ghani.

The first general assembly for the election of the Board of Directors of the Afghanistan Women’s Chamber of Commerce (AWCCI) was held on October 2, 2017, during which 11 successful businesswomen were elected by the members through majority vote in a transparent process.

Following up, AWCCI also successfully held its second election on August 8, 2019 in the Government Media and Information Center. For the second time, 15 business women were elected as the Board of Directors of AWCCI through a transparent process.

However, in recent months, a number of board members for reasons such as holding high ranked official positions, insecurity, immigration and lack of time to actively participate in the affairs of the chamber, officially submitted their resignation to the board of directors of the chamber. The Chambers accepted their resignation and that’s why the emergency elections and High Council Meeting was held.

The Afghanistan Women’s Chamber of Commerce and Industry would like to thank the Ministry of Industry and Trade, the Independent Election Commission and their financial supporters for the program Harakat Office their cooperation and assistance.