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Training Course of “Start Your Business” (SYB) in Balkh

Date: October10-15, 2018

Venue: Balkh Directorate of Commerce and Industry Conference Hall

In Continuation to providing services for women entrepreneurs of Balkh, AWCCI-North Zone, Balkh organized international program of “Start and Improve Your Business” by financial support of Agheaz Consultancy. This was a 5- day program started on October 10 to October 15, 2018 in Conference Hall of Balkh Directorate of Commerce and Industry. This program covered standards of starting and improving a business by the instruction of Ms. Najma Abed, one of AWCCI members, Agheaz Consultancy representative in Balkh and Ms. Tamana Fariwar, Zone Manager of AWCCI-North Zone.

Start Your Business (SYB) is a package of international program of “Start and Improve Your Business” which provides trainings for the people who have a business idea. In this training, trainees will learn how to start their businesses, choose the best business proposal, analyze the business idea, writing a business plan and budgeting of business plans and other related issues considering all steps and standards. After this training, trainees are able to prepare business plan and start their business.

The training started with the welcome message of Ms. Shekiba Shekib, Chair of AWCCI North Zone-Balkh office, and her speech on AWCCI-Balkh activities. The concept of this training was designed and sent by AWCCI North Zone-Balkh to Agheaz Consultancy in Kabul and after discussions the concept was approved by Agheaz Consultancy. Afterwards, AWCCI-Balkh with cooperation of representative of Agheaz Consultancy in Mazar-e-Sharif started and successfully ended the SYB course in this province. 20 women above 18 years old who were entrepreneurs, representative of private businesses, staff of small and medium enterprises, and the ones with good business ideas participated in this course. Besides, some other people who had the capacity and ability of preceding this course attended the courses as well.

SYB training ended by distributing the certificates to all participants. AWCCI North Zone-Balkh office will conduct “Improve Your Business” (IYB) training package in near future. It is worth mentioning that Ms. Tamana Fariwar and Ms. Najma Abed, trainers of this course, were invited by International Labor Organization (ILO) to take the “IYB” course by October 29, 2018 for two weeks by SIYB international masters trainers.