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Unifying our voice in Kandahar Province

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On March 22nd LEAD conducted and event under the title of “Unifying Our Voice”, in Kandahar, Afghanistan. The purpose of the event was to give awareness to the women entrepreneurs in Kandahar province and exchange ideas on current challenges and finding solutions for these challenges faced by business owners. 15 women business owners participated in the event.

This event started with recitation of the Holly Quran, and then Homa Usmany the executive director briefly introduced LEAD and the activities and services that LEAD provides. And then briefed the participants on the membership issue, how they can join LEAD as members, what are the benefits of membership, following that briefed them on advocacy and its importance for the improvement of their businesses. Then commercial laws were listed and explained briefly to the participants by Sultana Khaknizhad.

In the second part of the event all participants were asked to elect a volunteer committee as a focal point for LEAD in Kandahar province and fortunately three women business owners each Maryam Durani, Director for Khadija Kubra education center, Feriba Durani the Deputy for Kandahari Khazan and Rangina, the Director for Kandahari Khazana agreed to be the representatives for LEAD in Kandahar province.

In the third part of the event all participants were divided into three groups in order to discuss the challenges and solutions for their businesses which are outlined as following:

Lack of market places, Lack of expertise, cultural barriers, lack of capital, existence of corruption in governmental organization, lack of trust on women ability, the solutions for aforementioned challenges are: providing training, conduct awareness programs for men about female business, loans and funding, sharing problems with government organization.