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Unifying our voice was conducted in Mazar-e Sharif

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LEAD, as a process of its advocacy activities conducted an event which titled“Unifying Our Voice” in Mazar-e-Sharif, for 34-women business owners. The event was launched in the conference hall of the Balkh provincial council office.

The purpose of the event was to give awareness to the women entrepreneurs in Mazar province, Share the draft Strategic Advocacy Plan for their comments and feedbacks and exchange ideas on current problems faced by business owners and find solutions for these challenges.

This event started with recitation of the Holly Quran, and then Rasool Ehsany advocacy manager briefly introduced LEAD and the activities and services that LEAD provides. And   facilitated the participants in understanding the importance advocacy and then shared the draft advocacy plan through a presentation also engaged participants into groups activities in order to collect their comments and feedback on the plan. Following that Zahra Jafari the Legal expert for LEAD briefed the participants on the commercial laws and explained the importance of awareness of the commercial laws for business women.

In the third part of the event election of the provincial committees took place that first election process and terms of reference was presented for provincial committee by Zahra Jafari board of director’s member, and Rasool Ehsany, LEAD’s advocacy manager. As a result Zahra Afzali, Nazifa, Qandi Gul, Khomari, and Nilufar Sorush got the highest votes and were introduced as elected Mazar-e-Sharif provincial committee.