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Women for Women Peer Exchange and Learning Workshop (W-PEXL)

Date: August 29, 2019

Venue: Pamir Star Conference Hall, Talqan City, Takhar Province

AWCCI-North Zone held a full day workshop on Women for Women Peer Exchange and Learning W-PEXL (W-PEXL) event in Pamir Star Conference Hall, Talqan City, Takhar Province on Thursday August 29, 2019. In the workshop more than 40 participants and guests were participated.

The W-PEXL is an initiative by bringing together women entrepreneurs, women startups and potential entrepreneurs for knowledge and experience exchange and to help women in overcoming business challenges. The workshop began with the recital of the holy Quran. After that Ms. Tahera Asa, member of the Balkh Women Chamber of Commerce and Founder of the “Chihil Dokhtaran” started the event by providing information about the chamber and the activities of women in Balkh. Furthermore, she also talked about the national and international achievements of women and the event goals and objectives. Later on, Ms. Shakiba Shakib, Chair of AWCCI-North board members had speech on AWCCI as a supportive organization only for business activities of women and her trip and programs objectives in Takhar province. Subsequently, Mr. Hesamedin Hesam, Director of Takhar Chamber of Commerce and Investment talked about women-owned businesses situation in Takhar and also talked about their participation in international exhibitions. Mr. Ahmad Zia Tariq, head of the Takhar Economy Department, talked about the job creation of women’s activities as both producer and business owning in Takhar.

In second part of the program, a panel discussion held on the importance of women businesses, their major problems in business and business opportunities for women in the province. In this panel, Ms. Shakiba Shakib, Mr. Hesamedin Hesam, and Mr. Ahmad Zia Tariq, were panelists and provided answers to questions of the participants and gave advices for them on leading a successful business. In addition, businesswomen shared the experiences and challenges of their businesses with others.

In a knowledge sharing form, Ms. Tahera Asa shared her business experience and activities in Balkh. At the end of the day, Ms. Asa worked on Business model practice with participants. AWCCI collected all feedbacks and recommendations of participants in order to improve their business.