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Women for Women Peer Exchange and Learning Workshop (W-PEXL)

Date: July 31, 2019

Venue: Kokcha Conference Hall, Feyzabad City, Badakhshan

AWCCI-North Zone office held a full day workshop on Women for Women Peer Exchange and Learning (W-PEXL) event in Kokcha Conferences Hall Fayzabad city, Badakhshan on July 31, 2019. In this workshop more than 60 businesswomen and guests participated. The W-PEXL is a good initiate by bringing together women entrepreneurs, women startups and potential entrepreneurs for knowledge and experience exchange and to help women in solving business challenges.

The workshop began with the recitation of the Holy Quran. Later on, Ms. Tamana Farewar, Zone Manager of AWCCI-North officially continued the workshop by giving information about AWCCI and women activities in other provinces like Balkh and Kabul. Furthermore, she talked about national and international achievements of businesswomen following by reviewing the agenda for the event.

Later on, Mr. Hasibullah Daqiq, Head of Economic Department of Badakhshan talked on women situation in Badakhshan and about the achievements of the Badakhshan women in businesses by participating in Tajikistan exhibition. In addition he suggested for an expert committee to analyze women areas of strengths and ones that need improvement in Badakhshan.

Furthermore, Mr. Saifullah, Head of Civil Society and Vice President of Badakhshan Chamber of Commerce and Investment talked about rule of men in improvement of women and starting business from small works. He encouraged audience to make an open community for girls to growth and let them to work independently.

Ms. Shabnam Saei, Deputy of Badakhshan Women Affairs Directorate in her speech provided information about the activities achievements of the directorate in supporting of women businesses such as, establishing 222 working groups in 18 districts of Badakhshan to connect women affairs to rural areas women and creating 300 protecting group for women financial support. She added that with support of the women affairs Directorate Badakhshan has 85 NGOs which are led by women now.

Mr. Jawid Ajzi, the President of Badakhshan Chamber of Commerce and Investment had speech on achievements and progress of women in business in the province. He asked women to get membership of the Badakhshan Chamber of Commerce to get advantage of the programs which they provide. Mr. Ajzi encourage women to have a business which meet the national or international standards and one of those standard could be having official license. He added that through business service they supported 200 women with capacity building programs.

In this one-day workshop, in which many guests from government, private and international organizations were invited, they visited sample of Badakhshan businesswomen products which were collected by AWCCI. The panel discussion was about importance of women’s businesses and business opportunities for women in the province and speakers were: Ms. Anis Gull Akhgar, Gender Focal point of Badakhshan governor’s office, Mr. Jamshed Yolche, Professor of Badakhshan University, and Mr. Jawid Ajzi, President of Badakhshan Chamber of Commerce and Investment.

Ms. Amena Rahemi, President and Founder of Hamgam Noddle and Food processing factory who came from Mazar-e-Sharif, talked about her business journey. Besides, two other women from Badakhshan also shared their story of starting business which was very inspiring to audiences. For instance, a young woman with 20000$ investment opened a restaurant in Feyzabad which is one best restaurants of Badakhshan now.

At the end of workshop, Ms. Yalda Bari, Women Economic Empowerment Project Officer of GIZ-SEDEP shared future plan of the office for businesswomen. The feedbacks, comments and suggestions of participants were collected by AWCCI and GIZ-SEDEP for further activities.

It is worth mentioning that AWCCI-North with cooperation of GIZ-SEDEP will conduct this event in Takhar and its third phase in Balkh to motivate women in business with idea of knowledge sharing network and linking them across the country.