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Women for Women Peer Exchange and Learning Workshop (W-PEXL)

Date: July 04,2019

Venue: Kefayat hall, Mazar-e-sharif

Afghanistan women Chamber of Commerce and Industry – North held a full day workshop on Women for Women Peer Exchange and Learning event in Kefayt Hall in Mazar-e-sharif on Thursday July 04, 2019. In this workshop, more than 70 women including entrepreneurs participated. The W-PEXL was a good initiative by bringing women entrepreneurs, women startups and potential entrepreneurs together for knowledge and experience sharing and to help women in solving business challenges.

The workshop began with the recitation of the Holy Quran and later on Ms. Shekiba Shekib, Chair of AWCCI-North Zone officially started the workshop. Afterwards, Ms. Manizha Wafeq, the President and Co-Founder of the AWCCI talked about the achievements of women in business sector in last 10 years. She was happy to participate in such a big gathering of Balkh businesswomen. In additional, she said one of the main goals of AWCCI is to create networking opportunity for women to exchange the ideas and start joint ventures for economic progress by working together. Moreover, she mentioned, one of the main achievements of businesswomen in Afghanistan is having AWCCI for women capacity building. Ms. Shahla Hadid, Director of Women’s Affairs in Balkh province talked about achievements of this Directorate and its activities to support women-owned businesses. Subsequently, Mr. Ansari, Deputy Executive Director of Balkh Chamber of Commerce and Investment talked about the importance of women in business sector.

In this one day workshop, which was held in the presence of many dignitaries from government, private and international organizations who were invited by AWCCI, the participants visited samples of businesswomen’s products of Balkh province organized by AWCCI-North Zone. Afterwards, Ms. Wafeq had a special speech on the “collaboration of Women for Women can result in the development of their business”.

Three businesswomen from Balkh such as Ms. Noria Neda, the Founder of the Glass café and Restaurant, Dr. Nasrin Khojandi, the Founder and President of the Family Health Hospital, and Ms. Mahboba Zamani, the Director of Marhaba Zarin Company had presentation on their business activities, experience and challenges. In the afternoon session of this workshop, the two coaches and trainers such as Mr. Massoud Saqib, Founder of SIYB Afghanistan and Ms. Najma Abed, Founder of Aamo Company facilitated a session for the better understanding business concept in practical way by implementing a basic business cycle game with the participants.

At the end of the workshop, Ms. Yalda Bari from GIZ-SEDEP shared future plan of their organization for businesswomen and the workshop is closed by Ms. Shekiba Shekib. The feedback, comments and suggestions of participants are collected by Balkh office of AWCCI and GIZ-SEDEP.

It is worth mentioning that Balkh office of AWCCI in  coordination with GIZ SEDEP will conduct this event in Balkh, Badakhshan and Takhar next to motivate women business owners knowledge sharing and networking.