Afsana Rahimi

The Key to Success is Determination!

Afsana Rahimi was born in Kabul Afghanistan and in 1987 she graduated from Sultana Razia High School also in 1995 she graduated from Balkh University.

She married in 2004 and has three sons in her marriage she was interested in self-sufficiency and independent work. She worked 10 years for a Kellid Group of Companies (a media outlet with Radio and print media in Afghanistan). She gained a lot of experience in the marketing and business sector.

Eventually, Afsana  decided to start working for herself and in 2014 she started her business in the service sector, namely providing media ads a male dominated sector.  Afsana was determined not only to start her business but to further improve her knowledge to run the business successfully. The future plan of Ms. Afsana in the next five years is to become one of the best companies in the world, especially in the region in the countries of South and Central Asia.

Afsana directly employs10 people and she provides some financial support to 34 people in 34 provinces. She has coached and trained many students about the job they wanted to take on the business they wanted to start.

Afsana is a hardworking lady, she has no problems at all, and she has always succeeded in doing her work well, Ms. Afsana’s message to other business ladies is that they focus and remain determined on everything they do to make accomplishment.

Another important point that Ms. Afsana was saying was that the mosquito nursing ladies always do what they promise.

Ms. Afsana’s expectation of people, government and international organizations is that she does not want to give her grants or money but wants them to use her services she offers as it’s our responsibility to always use our country’s services and products to encourage investors and businesses.

Hoping for the further success of Ms. Afsana and her business and hope she serves as a good role model to the young generation to step in for entrepreneurship and business in Afghanistan.